Memory Quilts From Your Own Fabric

I make quilts, hangings and cushions using customer’s own memory fabrics. The first quilts are made from baby and school clothes. Sometimes I include appliqué picture panels of pets, houses, favourite things.

You may have a few snippets or an entire wardrobe to use. These single size quilts were made entirely from memory fabrics but If there isn’t enough fabric, I am happy to find extra background or sashing pieces.

These were single bed size, cost £375.

Schooldays Memory cushion.

I can print photos on fabric.

I can appliqué picture panels of places, pets, favourite things.

King size quilt made from shirts. I supplied some of the plain fabrics for this Four- Square framed diamond block quilt with flying geese border.

Random Squares Shirt Quilt with blue linen backing. I was sent about 20 cotton shirts which I cut into over 400 x 5” squares. I laid them out on my table to plan their placing – even random needs a plan. Here and there a few appliqué panels.

A group of friends each chose a fabric to make into a bed runner to celebrate their friend’s birthday. The Star block with sawtooth border gave order to the wide variety of colours and patterns while maintaining a scrap quilt character.

Flamboyant silk ties and rugged tweeds combined in this Memory Tree Quilt. I used a teal linen ground to contrast with the swirling leaves.

These Memory quilts are the celebration of a life, a friendship, a relationship. Sometimes a discussion is enough, sometimes I am sent sketches. Once an idea is formed in my mind I get going. It’s a leap of faith.

“Thank you so much for my beautiful baby clothes quilts, I love them! They hold so many cherished memories and are a delight to look at and talk about with my now much more grown up children. It’s wonderful that they are no longer in the attic and that we can all enjoy them again. I very much hope that my children will cherish them and one day pass them on to their children. Thank you once again.”

“I collected the quilt today! It is absolutely beautiful and I love it. It made me cry. You are so very clever. I think everything that is important to M is captured in it. Thank you so so much.”

“My mother and indeed all the family were completely ‘blown away’ by the quilt. It really is a quite remarkable piece of work and completely captures everything that we had wanted. We were all very moved by the quilt and all it encapsulates. Many thanks again for a phenomenal piece of work, we cannot thank you enough.”