How to order

Commissioning a quilt may seem daunting but is actually quite straightforward.

I have given an indication of cost but, as every quilt is different, the price varies depending on size, design and fabrics. This is agreed between us before I start making.

Please feel free to contact me with questions.


I can make similar to any of the quilts shown on my web site or combine elements from different quilts.

I can work to specific ideas or base a quilt around vague preferences and suggestions. I rarely design on paper preferring to rely on discussion until I am sure I have grasped your ideas. You pay when the quilt is made and you are happy with it.

Snippets of fabric or carpet samples are useful for getting the colours right. This detail shows wallpaper samples I worked the quilt design around. Alternatively, you could select colours on a paint chart. I often send samples of proposed fabrics for you to choose from.

I can often incorporate your own fabrics, this is a detail of a quilt made entirely from snippets of saved silks. I will be able to advise if your fabrics are compatible weights for the quilt.


I make quilts to fit any size bed.

I need three measurements, metric or imperial, I don’t mind which.

The bed width, the length from headboard to footboard (I add about 25 cm or 10″ to this measurement to allow for pillow height) and the drop. If you are having a floor length quilt you may like cut or rounded corners.

For brass beds or four posters I need more information as these quilts may hang better with cut out corners. I need the width between the posts and the foot end drop. Is this visible through the bars? Or is the footboard solid so only a tuck in required like in the example here? A picture of the bed helps.


Single from £295 to £425
Double from £425 to £575
King size from £575 to £950

These are the prices for most appliqué and patchwork quilts.

Wildflower, landscape and memory quilts are one-offs. As an indication, Hedgerow Quilt and Landscape quilt:

Single £600 to £750
Double £750 to £1,400
King £1,400 to £1,800


I use Royal Mail, signed for. The postage is included in the price.