Louise Bell Quilts

I use bold and simple patchwork designs 

when working  with silk. I often vermicelli

quilt to add texture or as below, 'draw' a design with stitching.

'Broken Circles' quilts in dupion silk. These quilts are square, to fit just the top of

a bed and can also be wall hung. I make full size to order.

The vermicelli quilted examples have 2 oz wadding. I have used 4 oz wadding on the blue and red quilt below. Only the seams are quilted, leaving the quilt puffier.

The green quilt right and the sand and blue quilts are in raw silk. These are machine quilted with intricate designs  of basket and leaves. By matching the thread colour to the silks, the quilting design shows up well on the underside.


The green and purple quilt above is in dupion silk, the detail shows the sheen. The bright pastels quilt on the right was in cottons.


The peacock colour 'Log Cabin' quilt in dupion silk above was large, for a King size bed. The machine quilting followed the seams whereas on the cream and gold quilt (detail, right) I did different quilting designs to add texture, some areas left smooth.


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