Louise Bell Quilts




Borders can be deep enough to reach the floor or just the top mattress. The single quilt with the scalloped stripe border would fit a bed with footboard, the narrow strip at the foot tucks in.



Stitchwort, plantain and wren with convolvulus. Liberty lawns and cottons on natural linen curtains.


Appliqué designs can be stylised or naturalistic,  sometimes with machine embroidery detailing.


The 'Flower Bed' and 'Wildflower' quilts include plants chosen by customers. Thistles, nettles, old man's beard are a little more challenging but good fun to work on.






Auvergne Landscape Quilt.


Left, Three Panel quilt with patchwork stripes and border.

Right, Single Panel quilt with appliqué border and patchwork outer border.

I can vary designs and colours and incorporate your own memory fabrics in appliqué  quilts. I will make to any size.

The quilts have plain backs and are machine quilted with  2oz polyester wadding or cotton wadding if preferred.

Ceramic Tile block quilt in soft grey Liberty lawns on cream.

224 x 234 cm, to give a 43 cm drop on a double bed, 21 cm on a king.  £550

Ceramic Tile quilt in browns and green. Liberty lawn, American cottons and furnishing weight fabrics.

Measures 54" x 90". Would give a 9" drop on a single bed. £395

Ceramic Tile blocks can be up to 30 cms square. The leaf and butterfly blocks on the turquoize quilt are framed with hundred of patchwork snippets and then joined with sashing.

Leaf and berry quilt. Black and grey patchwork with red, green and gold berries. And a few bees.

220 cm square, giving a 38 cm drop on a double and 18 cm on a king. £550

Ceramic Tile block quilts in Liberty lawns and American cottons on cream  with single fabric sashing strips. The blue quilt below was made for a brass bed with footboard so has cut out corners.


Sashing strips can be one fabric with a different fabric at the intersections as on the quilts above or can be made of hundreds of patchwork squares arranged at random as in these three quilts. This works well when incorporating memory fabrics.

I used furnishing weight fabrics on these quilts, the designs on the fabrics are  larger scale than Liberty lawns.


Panel quilts with strips, stripes or squares, Liberty lawns and American cottons. These quilts have no right or wrong way round so could be used on a single bed giving a drop on three sides or crossways on a double or king where they would reach from pillow to footboard with a drop on two sides only.


These with furnishing weight fabrics.


Single Panel quilts with right, a flying geese border and below a saw-tooth border. This quilt was made for a four poster so has cut-out corners.

Right, detail of 'Physic Garden'.

Left, details from 'Australian Flora' and 'Oregon Flora and Fauna' quilts.

Blue gingham quilt was eiderdown size, just covering the top of the bed with no border. This works for a sleigh bed where the mattress sits in the bed frame.


Ceramic Tile quilt in pale teal and soft lime green. American cottons and furnishing weight fabrics.

Measures 88" / 223 cm square. Would give a 17" drop on a double bed, 8" on a king. £495


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