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Reduced price, Grandmother's Fan Quilt in bright pink and green.

Measures 83" x 60", 212 x 152 cm.

Would give a 12" drop on a single bed or, put sideways a 14" drop on a double, reaching from foot to pillows.     £175

Patchwork quilt in pinks. American cottons and lightweight furnishing fabrics.

Measures 99" / 226 cm square. Would give a 22" drop on a double bed, 18" on a queen and 13" on a king. £445

Ceramic Tile block quilt in dark brown with a little navy blue. Cotton.

Measures 88" / 223 cm square. Would give a 17" (43 cm) drop on a double bed, 14" (35 cm) on a queen and 8" (20 cm) on a king. £495

Ceramic Tile block quilt in blues, turquoise and grey with patchwork frames. Lawns and cottons.

Measures 98" / 235 cm square. Would give a 22" (55 cm) drop on a double bed,  19" (48 cm) on a Queen and  13" (33 cm) on a king. £625


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Ceramic Tile block quilt in pinks, fawn and pale teal blue/green. American cottons and furnishing weight fabrics.

Measures 92" / 230 cm square. Would give an 18" drop on a double bed, 10" on a king. £425