Louise Bell Quilts

Below, a variation of 'Framed Nine-patch' with random sized and random repeat patches to give a scrap quilt look.



'Broken Dishes' scrap quilt. I made a pair of these quilts from hundreds of fabric snippets a customer had collected. They included batiks, Japanese cottons and remnants from sewing projects. Machine quilted (vermicelli) to add texture.


Above, 'Sampler Quilt' and below 'Framed Random Squares'.

'Grandmother's Fan' quilt in Liberty lawns on cream.

Right,  'Twice Framed Diamond' quilt with a double saw-tooth border.


Below 'Framed Diamonds' with flying geese borders. Liberty lawns. 

'Pinwheel' quilt with flying geese border. The lower corners cut away for a bed with foot board or a four poster.

Left, 'Twice Framed Diamonds' quilt without border. This quilt was large enough to fit a king size bed with a drop of about 15 cm (6") or reach to the floor on a double bed.



Above, 'Jacob's Ladder' quilt in furnishing weight fabrics, backed with cream cotton and quilted using 4 oz wadding for extra warmth. Made to cover a king size bed without extending over the sides.

Right, 'Framed Four-patch' quilt in chenille. Large enough to cover a king size bed or be used as a chair throw.

 'Framed Nine-patch' with a chequer border.

The applique bees livened up a Nine Patch block on a sampler quilt.

'Log Cabin' quilts in Liberty lawns.

The two quilts at the top of the page are in furnishing weight fabrics making them hard wearing and suitable as chair throws. Lower down are quilts in American cottons and Liberty lawns. At the very end of the page are patchwork block details with names.



I often incorporate 'memory' fabrics in quilts. This works well in Sampler Quilts, Random Squares, Random Triangles or 'scrap' quilts like 'Broken Dishes' and 'Framed Nine-patch'.


'Random Squares' and 'Random Triangles' quilts in Liberty lawns. The patches were 7.5 cm (3") square.


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Framed Diamond

Blocks and Borders

Twice Framed Diamond


Diamond Square

Bear Paw

Framed Ninepatch

Framed Square

Framed Ninepatch with some bees

Log Cabin

Flying Geese

Grandmother's Fan


Double Flying Geese